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Productions and decays of Zb and Zb’

主 讲 人 :陈殿勇     教授


地      点 :理科2号楼B409


Westudy the final-state interactions contributions to the transitions from theZ_b(10610) and Z_b(10650) to S-wave bottomonium via \pi, \rho and photonemission. Our estimations indicate that the final-state interaction playsimportant roles in the hidden bottom decays of Z_b(10610) and Z_b(10650). Withthis mechanism, the branching ratios of the observed \Upsilon(nS) \pi, \(n=1,2,3) channels could be reproduced and the branching ratios ofZ_b(10610)/Z_b(10650) \to \eta_b(mS)\rho/\gamma,\ (m=1,2) are predicted. Suchfinal state interaction mechanism was also extended to investigate the  production Z_b(10610) and Z_b(10650) states from the \Upsilon(5S,6S) decays. Twotypes of bottom-meson loops are discussed. We show that the loop contributionswith all intermediate states being the S-wave ground state bottom mesons arenegligible, while the loops with one bottom meson being the broad B_0^\ast orB_1^\prime resonance could provide the dominant contributions to the\Upsilon(5S) \to Z_b^{(\prime)} \pi. It is found that such a mechanism is notsuppressed by the large width of the B_0/B_1' resonance. In addition, we alsoestimate the branching ratios for the \Upsilon(6S) \to Z_b^{(\prime)} \pi whichcould be  tested by future precisemeasurements at Belle-II.  


陈殿勇,教授,硕士生导师。2009年7月于中科院高能物理研究所获理论物理专业理学博士学位;2009年7月至2016年8月在中科院近代物理研究所工作,历任助理研究员、副研究员;2016年8月起任东南大学物理学院教授,从事科研教学等工作。主要从事强子物理的理论研究,目前已经在Physical Review Letters、Physical Review C/D, Physics Letter B、The European Physical Journal A/C等期刊上发表论文60余篇。

发布时间:2019-05-14 14:52:43


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